proflora - logotyp - producent kompozycji kwiatowych
proflora - logotyp - producent kompozycji kwiatowych


We are a producer of flower arrangements in glass, plaster figures, baskets, ceramics.

We have been operating in the horticulture industry since the early 70's.

We have been dealing with flower arrangements since 1989. We currently offer over 250 designs of flower arrangements of green plants combined with spathiphyllum or kalanchoe and cacti in various types of containers made of glass, wicker, birch, wood, ceramics and plaster figures. We are constantly trying to expand our proposals with new patterns and ideas in the arrangement of compositions.

In our gardening, we prepare plants ourselves for the stocking of our compositions.

The plants used to cast the compositions are propagated and bred here.

Guided by many years of experience in the production of arrangements made of plants, now popularly called forest in glass (although they cannot be fully compared with the forest, biosphere is a better name, preferred by us), we try to use species and varieties proven in terms of durability and decorativeness, so that could please the eye of our recipients for a long time. Often we meet with voices that our compositions are with our clients for a very long time, pleasing their eyes.

The substrates used for planting the compositions are properly stabilized to extend the durability of our compositions.

We issue passports for each biosphere for plants used in our arrangements and grown in our horticulture in accordance with the current PIORIN recommendations.

For closed biospheres, we attach a short instruction on how to care for them with a link to a website where there is a little more information than can fit on a small piece of paper.

We work with wholesale buyers in Poland and Europe, as well as with many florists. We are able to provide short lead times for large orders, which we can deliver with our own, specially adapted transport

We invite you to view our rich offer and contact the company.



Flower arrangements are available at our points of sale on flower exchanges:

Tychy ul. Sadowa 6, Hala Kwiatów stand A-1 from Monday to Tuesday and Wednesday to Thursday (http:// from 22-07

Our products are also available in selected potted flower wholesalers and on other flower markets, including Wrocław, Kielce, Częstochowa, Kraków

We do not sell by mail order or retail.

Orders for flower decorations can be placed 2-3 working days before the proposed collection by e-mail or via the order form for activated customers. To activate the customer's account in the database, please complete the application form in the CONTACT tab. After entering into the customer base, the website access code will be provided. After placing the order and determining the availability of selected patterns and the exact date of receipt, you can pick them up at the company or at our points of sale at flower markets in Tychy or Krakow. When ordering by e-mail, please provide the exact pattern code, contact telephone number and details of the ordering company in order to issue sales documents.

Only wholesale sales in the company.

More information at tel.

Polish +48 / 33 / 814-59-07

English +48 / 601 550 605.

we are not a VAT payer (we issue "simplified" bills)
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